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Outdoor tiles are the ideal way to elevate your home. And with stunning natural stone or porcelain tiles around your pool, cladding the walls of your entertaining area, or trailing your garden path, there are countless ways to give it a boost in style and practicality.

Thinking about upgrading your outdoor tiles or designing a new outdoor or pool area to relax in? Learn all about our natural stone and porcelain outdoor tiles and get inspired. Your outdoor areas deserve a tile that’s durable, attractive, and practical. Our selection of natural stone and porcelain tiles ticks all these boxes.


Outdoor Paving and Patio Tiles

Creating beautiful pathways and patios around your home is simple with natural stone and porcelain tiles. The strength and resistance to weathering of these tiles means they can stand the test of time. More importantly, their visual appeal always stays in style.

Love the look of natural stone paving and alfresco tiles? Options like travertine and bluestone are popular choices, and timeless materials that work with all kinds of home and garden designs.

Those preferring porcelain pavers and patio tiles will find many colours, finishes, and sizes to suit whatever’s on your vision board. And thanks to its heat and stain resistance, it’s low effort for a high impact.


Pool Tiles and Coping

An outdoor pool is one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your home, and it deserves the finest touches. Using natural stone and porcelain for the coping tiles and surroundings is the simplest way to get the outdoor oasis vibes you’re after.

Your pool has unique requirements to keep it looking good, safe for people to use, and resistant to the chemicals, UV rays, and water that come with owning a pool. The right pool tile can do all that and more.

Natural stone pool-side favourites include granite, dolomite, marble, bluestone, limestone, and travertine, each with advantages that work in their favour as pool surroundings. And with an extensive range of colours, patterns, and sizes, you’ll be able to find that perfect match.

Or opt for porcelain tiles and enjoy their pool-friendly benefits, like heat resistance, low maintenance, and resistance to moisture, chlorine, and fading due to UV exposure.

Whatever your preference, Attila can help you find the perfect size and type of tile to suit. Plus, we manufacture your pool coping edges to your specifications, ensuring you get the right fit.

With the perfect outdoor pool tiles, you can transform any space into a stunning oasis. And all without leaving your backyard.


Outdoor Wall Tiles and Cladding

Your outdoor space can become a captivating retreat with the right tiles. And Attila’s selection of outdoor wall tiles is the key to making it happen. We have many beautiful options, whether it’s stone cladding on your entry wall, a stunning stone wall, or decorating an outdoor fireplace you want to create.

Natural stone cladding — with products like travertine and dolomite — gives a rustic charm to your outside areas, with benefits like durability and long lifespan as a bonus. Or, up the luxury factor with stunning marble cladding, creating a visually striking façade. Whatever the option, all of Attila’s outdoor stone tiles will perfectly complement their natural surroundings.

Porcelain tiles are also ideal for cladding and outdoor walls, with a sleek and stylish finish. People love the low-effort of porcelain, which is even more noticeable when placed outside, keeping its stunning good looks with minimal maintenance.

Whichever type of tile you need to complete your vision, Attila can help you find the right size, colour, texture, and style.


Why Natural Stone and Porcelain Are Superior Outdoor Tiles

Natural stone adds a sense of luxury and charm wherever it’s used. Better still, its resistance to the elements and everyday use means it’s the perfect choice for pool coping, pathways, and patios. Or utilise the natural beauty of outdoor stone tiles for wall cladding and instantly improve your home's street appeal.

Porcelain also offers a practical and customisable solution for outdoor areas. Porcelain tiles can emulate the look of natural stone while providing enhanced durability and low maintenance, making it an all-around winner. These gorgeous tiles come in various sizes, finishes, and colours, so your new outdoor space can be precisely as you envisioned.

Whether you choose the timeless charm of natural stone or the versatility of porcelain, your outdoor space will love you for it. Depending on the area you’re tiling and the results you’re after, Attila’s selection of high-quality and stunning natural stone and porcelain products is bound to excite.

Explore the possibilities, then view our range of external tiles in our conveniently located showroom.

Discover the Magic of Outdoor Tiles

Tiles can elevate any space in your home, including the ones outside. Ready to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level? The team at Attila can help. Contact us to speak to one of our expert staff or book a consultation for a more personalised touch with your external tile selection.

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    "From the moment we got to Attila’s natural stone we knew we were going to purchase our stone from them. Their selection is the biggest I have ever seen and have the best pricing in Melbourne not to mention they have been the best people to deal with. If I ever needed stone I’d only use these guys. Thanks so much!!!"

    - Melissa C - Google Review