French Pattern Tiles & Pavers Melbourne

French pattern tiles are a timeless, elegant, and European style of tile arrangement that’s adored in the world of design. And if you’re planning on using French pattern tiles for your home or business, you’ve come to the right place.

Attila has various options in natural stone in this style, including travertine, marble and dolomite in a French pattern. Our team is always on hand to help you make your ideal selection, and it’s easy to reach out to Attila if you want to explore our range.


Our Range of French Pattern Tiles

Among our selection of French pattern tiles, you’ll find Loranda Vein French Cut Pattern, Silver Galaxy Dolomite and Bluestone French Pattern. Each one offers a unique look and can complement any interior design style you’re after, so the options are limitless.

With their stunning interlocking design, they offer a fresh take on traditional flooring styles. Whether you're renovating a traditional home or sprucing up a modern apartment, these tiles add style to any space. Their versatility and timeless appeal make them a favourite among designers and homeowners alike, effortlessly blending old-world charm with a contemporary vibe.


The Unique Look of French Pattern Tiles

Earning its name from the traditional European style of stone floors, French pattern tiles feature an interlocking modular system of tiles. Sometimes, it’s referred to as Versailles Pattern, Ashlar Pattern or Roman Pattern tiles, all as beautiful as the last.

Learn how to lay French pattern tiles effortlessly with Attila. Our expert team can guide you through the process of setting tiles into a captivating geometric design using various shapes and sizes. From meticulously cut tiles to achieve the distinctive pattern to selecting sizes like 203x203, 203x406, 406x406 and 406x610 for your dream finish, we're here to help you achieve stunning results.


A Versatile, Elegant Tile

Equal parts elegant and impressive, French pattern tiles work inside and out. When laid professionally, their unique pattern can increase the look of an area. Considering this design for your home or business? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

  • A traditional French pattern travertine tile serving as a rustic splashback in your kitchen.

  • French pattern floor tiles in your bathroom and matching tiles covering the walls.

  • Stone cladding elegantly finished with French pattern tiles to greet guests at your front door.

French pattern pavers surrounding your pool or used as pool coping for the Europe in summer feel year-round.


Why Natural Stone and Porcelain Are Superior Outdoor Tiles

Natural stone adds a sense of luxury and charm wherever it’s used. Better still, its resistance to the elements and everyday use means it’s the perfect choice for pool coping, pathways, and patios. Or utilise the natural beauty of outdoor stone tiles for wall cladding and instantly improve your home's street appeal.

Porcelain also offers a practical and customisable solution for outdoor areas. Porcelain tiles can emulate the look of natural stone while providing enhanced durability and low maintenance, making it an all-around winner. These gorgeous tiles come in various sizes, finishes, and colours, so your new outdoor space can be precisely as you envisioned.

Whether you choose the timeless charm of natural stone or the versatility of porcelain, your outdoor space will love you for it. Depending on the area you’re tiling and the results you’re after, Attila’s selection of high-quality and stunning natural stone and porcelain products is bound to excite.

Explore the possibilities, then view our range of external tiles in one of our conveniently located showrooms.

Discover the Magic of FRENCH pattern Tiles

If you'd like to find out more about French pattern tiles, all it takes is a visit to Attila’s showrooms to understand the beauty of these stylish tiles for yourself. We invite you to take a look and start imagining the possibilities.

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    "From the moment we got to Attila’s natural stone we knew we were going to purchase our stone from them. Their selection is the biggest I have ever seen and have the best pricing in Melbourne not to mention they have been the best people to deal with. If I ever needed stone I’d only use these guys. Thanks so much!!!"

    - Melissa C - Google Review



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    See the Beauty of French Pattern Tiles At Attila

    Attila is the home of natural stone, and we have a stunning selection of French pattern tiles for you to discover. Visit one of our showrooms or book a consultation for personalised advice on choosing the best tiles for your home.