Marble Benchtops Melbourne

At Attila, we're not merely stone enthusiasts; we're artisans with a passion for perfection. Residents of Melbourne have consistently admired the city's mix of class, tradition and modernity. And what more elegant way to integrate that into your home than with our exquisite marble benchtops!


    Why Choose Marble Benchtops?

    Timeless Beauty

    Marble has long been associated with luxury and elegance. Its natural patterns, rich veins and spectrum of colours make each slab unique. A marble kitchen benchtop or marble bathroom vanity can instantly elevate the aesthetics of your space, making it a talking point.


    Marble is a natural stone that has proven its longevity. When properly cared for, it resists chipping, scratching and even heat, making it perfect for the passionate chef or the everyday cook.


    Marble benchtops can complement any style, from Victorian-inspired designs to sleek contemporary layouts. With the wide array of finishes at Attila, you can achieve the ideal look for your space.

    Why Melbourne Residents Prefer Attila

    Expert Craftsmanship

    With years of experience behind us, we’ve honed the art of crafting and fitting marble benchtops. Melbourne homeowners trust our meticulous attention to detail, and we pride ourselves in every project, ensuring an impeccable finish.

    Direct Quarry Sourcing

    We procure our marble straight from the finest European quarries. This not only guarantees top quality but also means we can offer competitive prices, passing on the savings to you.

    Personalised Service

    We understand that every space has its uniqueness. Our team works with you from selection to fitting, ensuring your marble benchtop mirrors your character and requirements.

    Aftercare Services

    Our commitment doesn't conclude after fitting. We offer aftercare services and guidance on maintaining your marble benchtop, so it remains as impeccable as the day it was set.

    Caring for Your Marble Benchtop

    Marble is robust, but with some care recommendations, you can ensure it remains in top-notch condition for years.


    At Attila, all our marble benchtops in Melbourne are sealed to protect them from stains. However, periodic resealing might be necessary, especially in busy areas.

    Clean Promptly

    Whilst sealed marble is resistant to stains, it's good practice to wipe away spills straight away. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent.

    Avoid Acidic Substances

    Citrus fruits, vinegars and some cleaning agents can etch the marble surface. It's crucial to be careful about what sits on your benchtop.

    Use Chopping Boards

    Although marble is durable, using chopping boards will prevent potential scratches and preserve its finish.

    Elevate Your Space with the Timeless Elegance of Marble

    Marble benchtops are more than just a surface; they are an investment in beauty, durability and style. Melbourne, a city celebrated for its blend of tradition and trend, deserves only the best, and that's what we deliver at Attila. Whether you're giving your space a makeover or building a new one, allow our marble benchtops to be the centrepiece everyone admires.

    Contact us today for a consultation or pop into our showroom to experience the elegance of our marble range first-hand. Let's turn your vision into a tangible masterpiece with our marble benchtops. Melbourne, prepare to redefine luxury!