To ensure optimum protection, ease of maintenance and the longevity of your stone we recommend using a high quality impregnating sealer. There are 3 types of sealers widely available on the Australian market. 1) A surface (or topical) sealer like the one available at many warehouse retail stores. These sealers only cover the surface of […]

Why use natural stone for your pool copping and surroundings?

What is pool copping? Pool copping refers to the boundary edge surrounding the swimming pool, which is usually placed around the top edge of the pool. By placing coping tiles around the pool both the structure and the surrounding areas are protected from water damage. A wide variety of natural stone can be used as […]

Why use marble in your family home?

A popular form of natural stone is the Marble, which comes in a multitude of colours, and distinguishable from other types of natural stone by the striking veins that run through it. For centuries past and up until the present day marble is heralded as a symbol of luxuriousness. Because of its timeless style many […]