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Your home is your haven; with the right floor tiles, it can become a work of art. With over 25 years of experience in floor tiles at Attila, and coupled with an extensive selection of tiles, are excited to help bring your flooring vision to life. Our team can ensure you achieve the visual and practical goals you have in mind, making the process enjoyable.

We're proud of our reputation as Melbourne's floor tile specialists and have one of Australia's largest display of natural stone. We source our stone from the finest European quarries, so our customers get the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for their homes and businesses.

Our extensive range can of natural stone and porcelain tiles can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor spaces, and even commercial spaces, including offices and retail stores. And with a selection of floor tiles, benchtops, paving and more, you’ll find classic and contemporary styles to suit any concept or space.

Our natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles come in:

MarbleDolomite | Granite | Bluestone | Limestone | Travertine | Porcelain | Terrazzo


    Marble Tiles

    Marble floor tiles have never gone out of fashion, and for good reason. The stone offers timeless elegance and is regarded for their durability and low maintenance. Known for their striking and unique veining patterns, marble floor tiles can be found on the floors and walls of grand palaces, luxury hotels, and refined homes right across the globe.

    In store, we have a stunning range of marble floor tiles, including Olive Green Dark, Pink Harmony, and classic White Pearl Antique. Whatever your design preference or style, our premium marble floor tiles can help you achieve it. Come and see their beauty for yourself with a selection to view at our conveniently located showroom.


      Marble Tiles Collection

      Dolomite Tiles

      Dolomite is a low-maintenance and durable stone that boasts the visual charm of marble and the toughness of granite. This stone is resistant to scratches, dents, and abrasions. And for many, having the best of both worlds is what makes Dolomite floor tiles the obvious choice.

      Renowned for its enduring strength and durability, Dolomite is an excellent choice for tiles, countertops and pool coping. Aesthetically and structurally, our stunning range of dolomite tiles will stand the test of time.


        Our Dolomite Tiles Collection

        Granite Tiles

        Granite floor tiles have long been synonymous with luxury and remarkable durability. Crafted from solidified igneous rock, granite floor tiles are available in honed, flamed and polished finishes to meet your style preferences. Better still, they make a statement and resist stains and water naturally, giving you everything you could ask for in a floor tile.

        Visit Attila to see the distinction between granite and marble tiles, and check out the stunning designs we have in our showroom, including Absolute Black, Salt & Pepper and Newcastle Grey.


          Our Granite Tiles Collection

          Bluestone Tiles

          Bluestone tiles are an elegant natural stone option with durability and strength that's perfect for indoor and outdoor living. Want more than just a sleek and modern aesthetic? This durable stone will last for many years in your home, and will never go out of style.

          The selection of bluestone floor tiles at Attila is worth exploring, with rich colours and varying sizes to bring your design concept to life. Colours such as Turkish Bluestone Brushed and Belgium Bluestone Sawcut prove why it's a popular choice, and we invite you to come and see for yourself.


            Our Bluestone Tiles Collection

            Limestone Tiles

            Stunning to the eye and pleasing to the touch, limestone is a popular contemporary stone choice for floor tiles. These naturally textured floor tiles are as beautiful as they are durable, and they're crafted in a range of tones and finish options to suit any space or style preference.

            We have a gorgeous range limestone floor tiles for the home and office in our showroom, so come see the subtle shades of creams, silvers, and whites on offer to elevate your spaces.


              Our Limestone Tiles Collection

              Travertine Tiles

              Travertine floor tiles add an instant rustic charm to any space. This timeless, natural stone has a dense, fibrous texture and is adorned with intricate details, giving a unique look every time.

              Known for its versatility, the colour of travertine floor tiles can range from deep rust to creamy beige and silver, and anything in between. With one of Melbourne’s largest travertine tile collections, Attila’s showroom have over 100 styles, colours, and patterns, waiting to be discovered.


                Our Travertine Tiles Collection

                Terrazzo Tiles

                Terrazzo floor tiles are having a moment in the world of interior design, and we're here for it. The stunning speckled design features chips of granite, marble or glass set in concrete, with a smooth polished surface, and its slabs are used in all areas of the home including kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

                Available in a range of colours and designs, including Red, White and Black or Black and Grey, we can help you find the perfect terrazzo tile in our showroom. These tiles are the perfect balance of opulence and durability, making them an ideal floor covering for any space.


                  Porcelain Tiles

                  Regarded for their denser and less porous nature, porcelain floor tiles are among some of the best for stain and moisture resistance. These qualities make them a popular choice in bathrooms and other wet areas, but they work beautifully in other rooms of your home as well.

                  Porcelain floor tiles are a timeless choice, providing the perfect combination of elegance and low-maintenance upkeep. Better still, it's affordable without compromising quality, giving you the best of both worlds.


                    Our Porcelain Tiles Collection

                    Melbourne's premium floor tile professionals

                    Your home’s floors are one of the most important design decisions you’ll make. To ensure you choose the best fit, contact the team at Attila to help. We can help you select the right size, colour, and materials to suit your budget.

                    Whether you're renovating or upgrading your home, or building a brand new home, our showcase of some of the best floor tiles in Melbourne makes it simple. As a timeless choice, tiles are a durable and stylish option for flooring that you can never go wrong with.

                    We have conveniently located showroom in Campbellfield, and invite you to come explore our range of floor tiles in person. Still uncertain about which tiles are best? No stress. Book a consultation with our expert staff and let us help you with the decision-making process.