Terms & Conditions


  1. Orders – The customer is deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale regardless of anything that may have been stated on the contrary in your enquiries of your order. 
  2. Quotations – unless otherwise stated, all quotations will remain valid for a period of 30 calendar days from date of original quotation. Prices quoted are only valid if the full quotations are accepted and thereof. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd reserves the right at all times to alter prices without notice. 
  3. Natural stone being a product of nature is subject to variations on colour and configuration etc. The type of stone selected is sold subject to the condition that if be accepted within the range of colours etc. Common to the source from which the type of stone is originated. Average product of stone in accordance with International standards is within 3mm variation thickness and size. For porcelain tiles variation in shade, colour, and size are inherent of all burnt clay materials, and glazed tile is subject to crazing, and are not grounds for claim once installed. Furthermore, variations in shade, size and finish can vary from a previous shipment or from samples boards Attila s Natural Stone and Tiles Pty Ltd maybe have previously distributed. 
  1. Display and Samples: Only the general aspects of the items are shown in displays and samples that are offered or displayed. Due to the nature of natural stone, samples maybe subject to colour, pattern, shading and surface texture variation and does not guarantee the overall final product.  Certain man-made materials, including porcelain tile, can have variations withing a series. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd makes no assurance or guarantee that any samples offered or exhibited will match exactly or correspond to products purchased.
  2. Preparation of surface to receive the products must be free of obstructions and interference; this shall be client’s / builder’s responsibility. 
  3. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order, together with acceptance of our offer Balance payment for the material delivered is required before delivery. Should goods be collected from our warehouse, balance of payment must be made before removal from same. Customers who request their merchandise to be on hold for an additional time after prearranged delivery date, are required to pay a further $3.00 per day per pallet based on storage purposes. 
  4. Interest at the rate of 30% per annum is payable on overdue accounts from invoice date. All prices are subject market fluctuations and process charge will be those ruling at date of delivery. 
  5. Quantities quoted by our staff are only approximate. No responsibility is taken for the calculations of meterage from house plans or drawings. No returns or refunds will be considered. It is agreed that the purchaser assumes responsibility for ordering the correct quantity of goods. 
  6. Every effort will be made to complete orders on date required, however, Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd, shall not be held responsible should delays occur as a result of external supplier or due to circumstances beyond our control. 
  7. Warranty – for goods not manufactured by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd, the only warranty shall be the current warranty (if any) provided by the manufacturer of the Goods. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd shall not be bound by or responsible for any term, condition, representation, or warranty other than that which is given by the manufacturer of the goods and all such terms, conditions, representations, and warranties are here- by excluded. The product you purchase may come with an additional warranty to your Consumer Law rights and remedies. When provided, the warranty period, provisions and the person providing the warranty relating to your purchase vary according to the product or service you have purchased. Please refer to product packaging and brochures to determine the warranty term and warranty conditions for your purchase. 
  8. By orders are non-refundable, non-returnable nor creditable. 
  9. No cancellations or partial cancellation of an order by the Customer shall be accepted by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd unless it has first consented in writing to such cancellation or partial cancellations and unless a cancellation charge has been paid which, as determined by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd will indemnify Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd against all loss, without limitation. Cancellation will not be accepted on goods that are not regular stock which are in the process of manufacture or are ready for shipment. 
  10. No claim will be accepted for damaged material once it has left our warehouse. All claims must be made immediately on arrival of delivery. No claims for shortage or breakage will be considered unless also notified on arrival of delivery. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd Will NOT accept any claims made at a later period. 
  11. Goods that may be accepted for returns by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd must NOT be marked nor damaged and must be in full unopened- boxes in order to proceed. 
  12. The purchaser agrees that the goods do not become the purchaser’s property until the goods are paid in full. 
  13. Should transport be required; a charge will be levied by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd to arrange transport. In addition, relevant charges for transport will be charged to client / builder. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage which may occur during transportation whether merchandise is transported by freight or picked up by client. 
  14. Any delivery time given by Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd is an estimate only and will not be liable for failure or delay to deliver. The buyer or the buyer’s representative will need to be present at the delivery address on the specified date, unless otherwise arranged. If no one is present at the time of delivery, the goods will be retained by the haulage contractor and returned back to the warehouse until we receive further instruction. A re-delivery will occur additional charges. 
  15. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd has the right to reject to freight the Goods if the transportation is not suitable and risk the breakage of the Goods, unless accepted by the buyer or the buyer’s representative. 
  16. We do not accept return of goods, except required by the laws in VIC. Claims for credit or refunds are strictly limited and in accordance with the following conditions:
  17. No refunds or credits on change of mind. No Claims will be considered after installation.
  18. No refunds on products that are holding for more than 7 days. 
  19. No materials will be accepted for return on factory direct orders, special orders, sale or discontinued items or materials made to order. 
  20. Tiles made to order cannot be cancelled or retuned for credit.
    e. An original sales invoice on which the goods were purchased must be produced by the customer. Goods must be in its original packaging. 30% restocking fee on any exchange. 
  21. Any delivery or collection charges are the responsibility of the customer.
  22. No return or exchange on orders based on surplus or miscalculation of products meterage.
    h. In exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles Pty Ltd, various handling fee (30%) and delivery charges will be applicable on all returns and exchanges. Cancellation fee of 50% of the full purchase price will apply.