Renowned for its rich heritage and captivating allure, marble remains a distinguished choice for benchtops, countertops, tabletops, vanities, and more. At Attila, we take immense pride in presenting a premium collection of marble tiles and slabs that embody the epitome of luxury. Our carefully curated selection is meticulously sourced for its exceptional quality and unparalleled colour range. Discover the captivating world of marble at our exclusive showroom in Campbellfield. Our expert team can guide you through the remarkable possibilities and help you uncover the perfect marble slabs and tiles for your project. Step into a realm of extraordinary beauty and let Attila be your gateway to experiencing the finest marble in Melbourne.


    Marble Benchtops

    Marble slabs make stunning benchtops and countertops, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to kitchens, bathrooms and other areas. Marble’s smooth surface and unique veining patterns create a visually striking focal point.

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    Marble Splashbacks

    Marble is a stunning choice for splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms as its natural beauty and veining patterns add depth and character to the space, while also providing a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

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    Marble Tiles

    From ever popular white marble tiles to stunning veined tiles, our extensive collection includes options to suit every home. Marble tiles are an excellent choice for flooring or walls, and help create a sense of grandeur and sophistication. They are available in various sizes and finishes, allowing for customisation to suit different styles and preferences.

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    Marble Vanities

    Marble slabs can be crafted into exquisite vanities and sink tops, adding a luxurious touch to bathrooms. The smooth and polished surface of marble complements different styles and creates a spa-like atmosphere.

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    Marble can also be used for cladding, hearths, paving and pool coping.

    What our clients say

    "Attila have been just incredible to deal with from day one. We are thrilled with our project and could not recommend Attila enough. The quality of work, efficiency of communication and overall experience has been just wonderful. Grazie to the entire team! A special mention to Emir (director) who has an incredible eye for detail but also who was able to visualise our concept & advise us accordingly. Understanding the client & interpersonal relationships are always the biggest battle. Attila nailed it for us!"

    - Caterina Borsato - Google Review


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