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How to lay French Pattern Tiles

A Master Mosaic: The French Pattern Tile Layout

Steeped in European design heritage, the French pattern tile layout has graced internal and external spaces, from grand foyers to entertaining areas, for centuries. Composed of four different-sized square and rectangular tiles totalling about 1.5m², when combined, create an interlocking pattern resembling a beautiful, modular jigsaw puzzle. 

French pattern paving layout and tiling offer versatility that allows the natural stone to shine in various settings. It is an outstanding choice if you're looking to create a standout feature for any space in your home.

This blog will guide you through the considerations and process, from selecting and laying the perfect French Pattern tiles and pavers to achieving that flawless, intricate design.

loranda vein cut french pattern

Choosing the Right Tiles

Factors like foot traffic and moisture exposure matter when choosing the right stone for your project. Travertine, marble, limestone and bluestone are excellent go-tos and to ensure their lasting brilliance, sealing and regular care is required.

Among our selection of French pattern tiles, you’ll find Loranda Vein French Cut Pattern, Silver Galaxy Dolomite and Bluestone French Pattern. Each one offers a unique look and can complement any interior design style you’re after, so the options are limitless.

There are no strict requirement for the sizes of tiles in a French pattern, but most commonly they come in a pack of:

  • 2 x 203x203x12mm
  • 1 x 203x406x12mm
  • 2 x 406x406x12mm
  • 1 x 406x610x12mm

Ensure you purchase enough of the four sizes required to complete your desired pattern layout. Remember, we offer expert, custom stonemasonry services to eliminate the guesswork and labour involved in the cutting process. Our team will gladly help you measure up and choose the ideal selection for your home.

The diagrams below shows you how to achieve a French pattern layout, and of course if you have any questions, you can call our friendly team of experts on 03 9357 7814.


Measure Up for Success

Before starting, accurately measure the area where your tiles will be laid. For a rectangular space, simply multiply the length by the width to get the square meterage. If your room is irregularly shaped, divide it into smaller rectangular sections and calculate the area of each one separately. Then, add all the individual areas together to get the total square metres.


loranda vein cut french pattern

Creating Colour, Finish and French Pattern Flair 

French pattern paving layout and tiles can cater to all aesthetic intentions and space sizes. For a splash of drama, choose contrasting colour palettes and grouts that highlight the intricate pattern, while a subtle yet equally impressive unified look is achieved using similar colour tones. Generally, bold colours work well in expansive areas, while lighter tones visually enlarge smaller spaces. The French pattern, particularly when laid with travertine tiles, can even create the illusion of a more spacious environment in some instances.

When choosing tiles, consider the finish in the overall aesthetic you're looking for. Our French Pattern tiles are available in sandblasted, honed or brushed finish. We also have a number of different edges that further differentiate the tiles such as tumbled edge, chiselled edge or straight cut (sometimes known as saw cut).

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Visualise The Possibilities IN YOUR HOME

French Pattern tiles are one of the hottest trends in Australia right now, so to help spark your imagination and create your dream space, see our curated collection of French pattern tiles and pavers. There are many places throughout your home where you can use this stunning and timeless style, including:

Kitchens: Natural stone French Pattern tiles are well-suited to Aussie kitchens due to their practicality and versatile layout, which creates visual interest and a custom look that adds character to your kitchen space.

Living Rooms: The soft hues commonly found in French Pattern tiles, such as beige or grey, lend a sense of warmth and elegance to your living space, making it inviting and comfortable for relaxation and entertainment.

Bathrooms: The textured surface of French Pattern tiles makes them ideal for bathrooms and laundries as they can enhance grip and reduce the risk of slipping.

Pool Surrounds: French pattern pavers surrounding your pool or used as pool coping have a textured surface that helps to make them slip-resistant and their moisture resistance makes them an excellent choice for your outdoor areas.

Balconies: French Pattern tiles are ideal for balconies and patios, where they can survive the harsh Australian climate.

You can also browse product descriptions, technical specifications, and high-quality images to discover the perfect French laid Travertine and pattern tiles.


Ready To Invoke Some European Palace Elegance Into Your Home?

At Attila, we understand the allure of a luxurious and timeless space that French pattern tiles can bring to your home. Whether it's creating a featured entryway, adding refinement to your bathroom, or an element of sophistication to your outdoor patio, with a little pre-planning and groundwork, you can achieve this show-stopping look.


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