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How To Clean And Maintain Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers are a sleek and modern way of transforming the outdoor areas of your home or business, turning them into timelessly elegant spaces for both relaxing and entertaining. Keeping your home or business looking fresh, whatever the weather, our beautiful natural stone pavers are the finest way to elevate your patio tiles, pool tiles and coping, outdoor paving and more. And if you're wondering how to clean pavers, the process is simple since natural stone is resistant to scratches, stains, and fading making them even easier to maintain long-term. 

By following these tricks and tips on the best way to clean pavers, you can guarantee the longevity and durability of your natural stone for all the good times to come.

The Best Way To Clean Pavers

Keeping your pavers in tip-top shape comes down to some simple maintenance and a little TLC from time to time. Cleaning stone pavers by wiping up any spills when they happen, as well as sweeping away dirt and debris frequently, helps prevent the general wear and tear of day-to-day life from building up.

A convenient and effective method to keep your pavers sparkling is to use a mixture of dishwashing detergent and warm water to scrub away all the loose dirt that slowly accumulates on your pavers. Always check the label of your soap first, just to make sure it's compatible with your natural stone. You can also get detergents that are made for cleaning stone, so you can be sure that the cleaner is mild and matched to your pavers' needs. Then, with a soft-bristled brush, clean your pavers in gentle, circular motions, scrubbing until you're satisfied.


How To Clean Pavers The Thorough Way

For a more meticulous clean, you can purchase cleansers that are pH-neutral and targeted to the material of your natural stone pavers. Avoiding harsh cleaning products keeps unsightly stains from forming on your stones, focusing instead on making those pavers gleam. Be sure to get the type that's right for the type of stone you have in your outdoor area, whether that be marble, dolomite, travertine, granite, or one of the other beautiful stones we supply. Other specialised products, such as polishing creams, deep cleaners, grout cleaners, and stain-removal solutions, can also aid you in bringing out the best in your natural stone.

Sealing Your Stone Pavers

Applying sealant will help keep your pavers looking as good as new, protect against dirt, keep stains from soaking into the pavers' surfaces, and make the process of cleaning your stone pavers even easier. Regular sealing keeps your natural stone fresh and makes it easier to maintain. Routine sealing can help prolong their life and retain their original colour and condition.

Finish, porosity and density all change how natural stones react to sealants, so it's important to see which sealants work best for your stone pavers. It's a quick process that takes only minutes, yet offers years of benefit in return. You can check out our guide for a more comprehensive how-to guide on sealing your natural stone pavers and the importance of finding the best match for your natural stone.

Keeping Your Grout Dirt-Free

Nooks and crannies tend to be breeding grounds for grime and dirt, so it's always crucial to keep your grout just as clean as the rest of your natural stone pavers. Mopping and scrubbing the space between your pavers helps to highlight and brighten the pavers themselves, with non-acidic detergents and a soft brush being the answer to bringing your grout back to life.


Weeding In & Around The Cracks

Weeds can occasionally get in the way of your stone pavers looking their best. You can keep your pavers weeded by pulling them by hand, using chemical weed killers, spraying them with undiluted vinegar, or pouring boiled water into the cracks. Just be careful not to be too heavy-handed with some of these methods, making sure to avoid damaging your stone pavers in the process.

Safeguarding Against Moss And Mould

Damp conditions around your pavers can occasionally lead to things like moss and mould growing on your natural stone. Pressure washers are useful tools when it comes to cleaning pavers of stains that are harder to remove with just scrubbing alone, and they can also work to get rid of unwanted growths on your pavers. Products that work to specially remove moss, mould, lichen, and algae are also a great addition to keep your natural stone clean and restore it back to new.

Consider Natural Stone Pavers For Your Home

At Attila, we know how stunning our natural stone tiles look when installed in your Melbourne home or commercial property. Available in a variety of colours, styles, stones, and finishes, we have a wide array of elegant and premium paving and benchtop options for you to choose from. And with natural stone pavers being so easy to maintain and clean, you can boast about your pavers for years to come. We'd love to help you bring our unique and lasting designs to your place, so stop by our Campbellfield showroom to see our quality products in person or book a consultation with us to elevate your home or business today.