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How To Choose The Best Pavers For Your Outdoor Area


The simple addition of pavers to an outdoor area can be instantly transformative. And there are so many stunning natural stone and porcelain options that are fit for the job. But before selecting the best pavers for your outdoor project, you’ll want to do your homework.

Attila is the natural stone and porcelain specialists, and we know a thing or two about choosing an outdoor paver that perfectly complements its surroundings. This article will help you through the process by checking off everything worth considering when choosing a paver and the unique needs of each outdoor area.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Pavers

The outside of your home deserves just as much consideration as the inside when choosing the perfect floor covering. And if you’re weighing up the best outdoor pavers, you want to get it just right. Consider these features if you’re looking for the perfect paver.

  • Heat resistance

Is your natural climate hotter than usual? Will people be walking on it barefoot? Do you have limited shade outside? Keep these things in mind when finding the best outdoor pavers. Some natural stone options, like marble, limestone, and travertine, are better at resisting heat. Or light-coloured porcelain tiles can be just as effective.

  • Slip resistance

Whether it’s the rain or splashing from a nearby pool, the best paving for the outdoors is the one that keeps you from slipping. Porcelain pavers have been designed specifically for this, with textured and anti-slip surfaces like R10 and R11 available. Prefer natural stone? Travertine is an excellent option for preventing slips as well.

  • Durability

The Aussie climate can be harsh, so you want flooring that can withstand the elements. Thankfully, most types of pavers, including natural stone and porcelain, are considered durable. Even with heavy foot traffic and lots of use, our range of pavers is up to the test.

  • Maintenance

Some people are happy to spend their time sprucing up their outdoor pavers, and others prefer a low-maintenance approach. The best low-effort pavers are made from granite or porcelain, depending on your preferences.

  • Aesthetics

Do you have a particular design in mind, or are you choosing pavers based on which style strikes you most? There’s no right or wrong approach. Most of our customers fall in love with a natural stone or porcelain pavers once they see them in our showroom. So, we invite you to come in and explore for yourself.

Now that you know which features matter most, you can start thinking about where to lay them.

Pool Coping And Paving

Common outdoor uses for pavers

Where and how you’ll use your new outdoor pavers is just as important as heat resistance or ongoing maintenance. Some homes prefer a uniform approach with the same pavers everywhere. And others like to mix and match with something different for each area. Thankfully, there are plenty of places where pavers can be utilised.

Pavers around the pool



As one of the most common areas for outdoor tiling, pavers are perfect for the area surrounding your pool. But importantly, choosing one with non-slip qualities, heat resistance, and durability means it’ll last many enjoyable summers. For the most stylish results, you can match the pavers to the pool coping tiles installed around the pool.

A popular choice for pool surrounds is to use 20mm porcelain pavers. With advantages like heat resistance, non-slip traction, low maintenance, and ease of installation, it's easy to see why they're favoured.

Those preferring natural stone will find a range of suitable options for pool coping and surrounds. Limestone and travertine are two common ones, due to their natural grip surface, longevity, and stylish looks. Whichever option you choose, the pavers can be mitred to create angled edges, giving the pool a cleaner look.

Still unsure about the best fit? Speak to the team at Attila or your pool contractor to find the best outdoor pavers for your pool.

 Pavers for outdoor patios



The right pavers can make your patio or outdoor entertaining area even more enjoyable. Natural stone and porcelain’s durability and hard-wearing nature make them perfect for outdoors, but with all the aesthetic advantages you get with indoor tiles.

Our picks for the best pavers for a luxurious outdoor patio? Marble and travertine add a premium touch and can enhance the look of any outdoor entertaining area. But with most outdoor pavers perfectly suited to patios, you can choose any you like.

Walkways, driveways, paths



Pavers are a practical and cost-effective way to create beautiful walkways and pathways around the outside of your home. Whether trailing to your clothesline or out to your garden, a stunning line of natural stone or porcelain always looks fantastic. For larger areas like driveways, they provide a sturdy and attractive entry into the home. Or they can be used to border a concrete driveway to spruce it up.

Granite and bluestone are our favourites for high-traffic areas because of their resistance to wear.

Otherwise, porcelain is also regarded for its durability and lifespan, sometimes offering a more budget-friendly approach. However, if you find something that suits your style and preference more, all our outdoor pavers are ideal.

Steps and landings



Did you know pavers can also be used to cover steps and landings outside of the home? Using natural stone or porcelain to cover these areas adds instant street appeal and the 'wow factor'. And choosing a non-slip option makes entering and exiting the home safe, even when the weather is acting up. For a seamless transition, outdoor pavers can also be matched to the floors used inside the house.

Attila: home of the best outdoor pavers

Attila's natural stone selection includes stunning outdoor and indoor options to complete your home. If you’re wondering about the best paving for your next outdoor project, get in touch with our helpful team.

To see our extensive collection in person, book a consultation or visit our showroom. With Melbourne’s largest natural stone selection and a vast range of porcelain, we know you’ll find something you love.