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5 Top Kitchen Style Trends

If you’re ready to give your kitchen a fresh new look, it helps to know what styles are currently trending around the globe. We’ve put together a guide to make this easier for you. Get ready to dive into five of the top kitchen trends that will give you inspiration for your next renovation project or even that new build you’re planning!

Contemporary Kitchens

Today, many people like to create a modern look for their kitchen to suit the popular minimalist design that's been in favour for a while. For a contemporary kitchen you want to create sleek lines and incorporate cutting-edge technology. You can create a clear and uncluttered vibe by choosing handle-less drawers and matte cabinetry, as well as integrating appliances behind doors. As for kitchen benchtops, for a modern look, it’s best to consider durable natural stone like granite or marble. These provide a luxurious finish that’s practical yet stylish. Feel free to visit our showroom to take a look at the many products available in granite or marble that could suit your space.

Plus, to make your kitchen a contemporary one and boost functionality, you can look for ways to add innovative design features. Modern kitchen trends often incorporate touchless faucets, smart appliances, and built-in charging stations for phones and other devices.


Country Kitchens

While kitchen trends have been focused on minimalist designs for years, many homeowners still love to bring a touch of rustic charm to their properties with country-style kitchens. This choice provides a warm, inviting vibe and features elements such as natural stone, earthy shades, and vintage-inspired décor. To create a cosy atmosphere in your kitchen you could also pick soft, muted colours such as cream, pale blue, or sage green or even add dark earthy beiges and browns or sandy-coloured shades.

For your kitchen benchtops, you'll find that either marble or travertine are excellent choices as they add a more provincial charm to the cooking zone of the home. You might also like to go on the hunt for eclectic vintage finds and handmade accessories and other accents to complete your country kitchen. Search for one-of-a-kind pieces made by local potters or artists, add antique light fixtures, and complete your country kitchen with wooden furniture and old-school copper pans to add plenty of country personality.


White Kitchens

The latest kitchen trends revolve around bright and airy white designs. White kitchens are fresh, versatile, chic, and timeless and give you a blank canvas to express your personal style with accessories. For the best white kitchen, ensure there’s plenty of natural light available. Consider adding skylights, more windows, or even a glass sliding door nearby to help bring in more sunlight. You can also use reflective surfaces to help bounce light around the space, such as mirrored splashbacks.

When it comes to fit out, your best bet is to pair white cabinetry with a white or white-with-lines marble, granite, or Dolomite kitchen benchtop. This will give the area an understated luxe vibe. From there, you can bring in some pops of colour to add vibrancy to the kitchen with your carefully chosen statement lighting, artworks, accessories, etc.


Black Kitchens

For those who want to make a bold statement in their home, a dramatic black kitchen might be the prime choice. Black is a dark and moody shade that exudes sophistication and style, and black kitchens are sleek spaces that contrast with the more traditional white or soft neutral colour schemes often used in properties.

To get in on this kitchen trend, consider black cabinetry throughout your cooking zone, black appliances, and matte black kitchen benchtops, such as those made from dark onyx or even black-speckled terrazzo. This combination will create a seamless, monochromatic look that is a little edgy yet still elegant. You could finish off your kitchen with metallic accents, such as copper or brass tapware and handles, to bring a particularly on-trend feel to your kitchen. Plus, it pays to balance the boldness of all the black with some organic features (e.g., wooden or rattan accents and indoor greenery) as well as some cosy textiles.


Hamptons Kitchens

If you’d like to channel some sophistication and classic elegance in your house, a Hamptons-style kitchen could be one of the best kitchen trends for you to follow. The Hamptons vibe is a timeless one that’s usually characterised by crisp white cabinetry and walls, intricate detailing, and a light and airy colour palette to help make the room feel calm and serene. For your Hamptons kitchen, stick with neutral shades and add in soft blues and greens for more colour where needed.

For the benchtops in your kitchen, popular Hamptons options include marble, travertine, or limestone. These all give a luxurious finish that’s hard to beat. You can also boost the effortless glamour with inset cabinetry, intricate millwork, and pretty decorative panelling. These all add more interest to a kitchen space and are hallmarks of Hamptons styling. For more inspiration, book a consultation to chat with our friendly, expert team about your kitchen build or renovation.

Whether you're keen to savour clean lines, earthy textures, bright and airy vibes, or something else, you’ll find kitchen trends to suit every taste. Take your time selecting a look and the room’s materials, especially the natural stone kitchen benchtops. Then, when you’re ready to bring your dream kitchen to life, contact us to learn how we can help you transform your kitchen into the new heart of your home.