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7 Gorgeous Ways To Use White Marble Tiles In The Bathroom

Tile trends may come and go, but the beauty of marble is forever. And if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom or building a new one, we’re sure you’ll have white marble bathroom tiles somewhere on your vision board.

With so many unique qualities that make marble the ideal choice for a bathroom, you can’t go wrong. It’s durable, beautiful, and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. But the best feature? It comes in various textures and patterns — each with a unique white touch — so you can achieve any style you like.

Whether you’ve got your sights set on contemporary, classic, art deco, glam or something altogether different, we’ve got white marble bathroom tiles to match. Get inspired with the marble bathroom ideas we’re living for.


Stylish, timeless, and oh-so-chic, a monochrome marble bathroom is the best way to use these gorgeous white tiles. We want only black, white, and grey adorning our bathroom to achieve a monochromatic look. Think taps, handles, tiles, showers, and vanities; nothing is off limits.

To complete your monochrome bathroom look, the dark and dramatic Ocean Black pairs with the crispness of a pure white marble tile. Or, our Asena White Busy Vein features black and white in a striking vein pattern, giving you the monochrome effect in a single tile.

new york marble


Lean into this natural stone’s old-world charm with a white, classic marble bathroom. This traditional type of bathroom works wonderfully with white marble, and you can accessorise with brushed gold hardware, a large claw-foot tub, and some carefully selected wallpaper.

Attila has beautiful traditional marble options, including Afyon GB Premium and Mulga White, each using white in a unique way for a classic bathroom. Let your imagination run wild when you visit one of our showrooms, and you’ll see just how many possibilities there are.


Scroll through the images of glam bathrooms on your Instagram, and you’ll spy some marble somewhere. The natural stone is synonymous with luxury and glamour, and it looks incredible with velvet decor, gold hardware, and a dramatic Hollywood mirror.

Our most glamorous white marble bathroom tiles include New York, with its stunning white background and dramatic black veins. Or Asena Lux with a pristine white background and more prominent black and lilac veins.



Love marble but want to use other natural stone and porcelain tiles, too? You’ve come to the right place. For some, their marble bathroom ideas feature different types of stone, giving you a vast selection of colours, textures, and tiles. And with Attila’s extensive selection of natural stone, you will surely find the perfect fit.

In addition to our extensive selection of white marble, we’ve got many other natural stone and porcelain tiles that would work in your bathroom. Imagine a Carrera marble bathroom with a grey and white terrazzo slab, and you’ll understand the appeal of mixing and matching your stone.

city york vanity


Do you want a bathroom that stands out? Harness the classic beauty of white marble with a pop of colour. A brightly painted wall, dark timber vanity or bold wallpaper can complement the simplicity of white marble floors, showing the natural stone’s versatility.

Any of our white marble would work wonderfully with this design, so consider options like Asena Plain or Calacatta to help the colour stand out even more. If you need help, bring some paint swatches to one of Attila’s showrooms and explore the possibilities in person.



Sure, white marble is everyone’s favourite, but to add a bit of variety, you can also inject some colour into your bathroom. Why not pair white marble bathroom tiles with other coloured marble? This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Attila has an amazing selection of colourful marble to bring this look to life. Our Bordo Grizio features white, maroon, and pink for the multicolour effect, or Olive Green Dark to perfectly complement a white marble bathroom tile.


Marble comes in all colours, but for many, there’s nothing better than all white. If the interior design vision for your bathroom tiles features crisp, white marble floors and white marble covering your shower and vanity, this is the style for you.

Our favourite pure white marble options are White Pearl Marble and Melany White, each with slight tinges of greys throughout. Pair them with white walls and white hardware and bring your all-white bathroom vision to life.



Nothing beats viewing the beauty of marble for yourself. And if you want to explore other white marble bathroom tiles, we have an amazing collection to inspire you. Visit one of our two conveniently located showrooms and explore our range. Or contact us for helpful advice or to book a consult with one of Attila’s natural stone experts. We can’t wait to help your vision come to life.