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A Complete Guide To Pool Coping And Paving


When the weather heats up, there’s nothing better than having your own pool to take a refreshing dip in. And if you’re planning on renovating your pool or building a new one, you want to ensure everything is just right. One of the most vital elements is the pool coping and paving, or the coverage on the concrete edges of the pool and those surrounding it.

Finding the perfect pool coping is about more than aesthetics (though they’re pretty important, too). It also needs to suit the unique conditions of the pool and its surroundings. So, you’ll want something non-slip, heat-resistant, and reliable.

Building or retrofitting a pool and want to tick this essential design element off? Attila is here to help. Our pool coping and paving guide will show you which features matter most and the best natural stone and porcelain types to use when planning your pool.

What’s Important When Choosing Pool Coping and Paving

Tiling your pool is a little different to tiling the inside of your home.  As these tiles will serve as the capping to your fibreglass or concrete pool and its surroundings, you want to ensure they hit the mark.

Even though some of the features are equally important as interior tiles — like style and durability — other factors must be considered. Keep these in mind when thinking about picks for your pool coping tiles.

  • Heat resistance 
    The constant sun exposure to an outdoor pool means the tiles and pavers surrounding it will heat up quickly, potentially burning those who step or sit on them. Natural stone and porcelain options that resist heat are ideal for keeping everyone comfortable.
  • Slip resistance
    The presence of water both in and around your new pool means extra safety measures are required. Choosing a slip-resistant tile with a good grip means less chance of someone having an accident.
  • Strength and durability
    As well as sunlight, the average pool tile is exposed to salt or chlorinated water, chemicals, and heavy use. It’s vital to choose a durable natural stone or porcelain tile that’s regarded for its strength if you want it to have a longer lifespan. Attila recommends using a sealer, like SK40, on your stone tiles to increase their longevity.
  • Aesthetic appeal
    Your pool tile coping should suit the overall design of your pool and its surroundings. Using natural stone or porcelain tiles guarantees a more contemporary look that adds instant appeal to the area.
  • Sizes and thickness
    The most common pool coping tile thickness is 20mm. However, there are options ranging from 40mm to 100mm, depending on your pool’s unique requirements.
  • Edging
    The edge of your pool coping dictates how it feels and how well it protects the pool shell.  Attila can manufacture your pool coping edges to almost any specification you desire, using our unique method. The most popular options for tile edging are bullnose, mitered, laminate, and square edge.


Popular Types of Pool Coping Tiles

The right tile can have a stunning impact on the look and feel of your pool. These are the selection of natural tiles and porcelain from Attila’s range that would be right at home surrounding your pool.

Marble Pool Coping and Paving


Marble was made for luxury coping pavers around a pool. The natural stone has benefits like being water resistant and highly durable but also resistant to chemicals and UV rays. Most importantly, marble pool coping turns any outdoor space into a lavish sanctuary.

Dolomite Pool Coping and Paving

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Want pool coping that’s equal parts functional and beautiful? Dolomite is an excellent choice. It’s adept at withstanding the elements and won’t be damaged by exposure to chemicals and UV rays. Naturally slip-resistant and with a smooth finish, it’s the perfect addition to your pool area.

Granite Pool Coping and Paving


Granite is regarded as one of the strongest natural stones, and it’s a popular choice for pool coping and paving. Choosing a granite tile means your pool will be protected against UV, chemicals, and water damage. Plus, it makes a solid investment that will last decades with the proper care.

Bluestone Pool Coping and Paving

When the Celsius soars, you’ll be glad you have the natural cooling properties of bluestone at work around your pool. This natural stone is beautiful and highly resistant to weathering, so it’ll look as good as new even with a lot of use.

Limestone Pool Coping and Paving

As one of the most popular types of natural stone used for pool coping and paving, you’d be clever to choose it for yours, too. Limestone is packed with pool-friendly features like slip resistance, heat resistance, and comfort, making an attractive finish to your outdoor area.

Travertine Pool Coping and Paving


Travertine is another favourite for pool coping and for more than just its striking beauty. This natural stone stays cool to the touch, even in summer, and provides a solid, secure surface to keep swimmers safe.

Porcelain Pool Coping and Paving



Modern, sleek, and resistant to UV rays and chemicals, porcelain is everything you want in a pool tile. In addition to these benefits, porcelain is low maintenance and easy to keep clean, which means more time enjoying your swimming pool.

Retrofitting or building a new pool? Come and see your pool coping, paving and tile options in person. Visit our showroom and discover the look and feel of our tile selection, making the decision easier.

Dive in With Attila

Your pool is your sanctuary, so it’s worth choosing a natural stone or porcelain tile that embodies that. Learn more about what makes a good pool coping tile when you book a consultation with one of the friendly, expert team at Attila. Or contact us for a chat to explore your options.