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Stone Selection: Our Complete Guide to Choosing a Natural Stone

Considering natural stone for your next project? With its long-standing reputation for quality and style, it’s easy to see why. This durable, beautiful, and timeless option can be used for all kinds of projects at home and in your business. Flooring, benchtops, walls, and more — everything looks better in natural stone.

As popular as it is, getting your stone selection requires some thought. But if you’re trying to find the perfect pick for your next project, you’ve come to the right place.

At Attila, we’re proud to have the most extensive collection of natural stone in Australia, and our expert team can help you find the right choice of stone to bring your vision to life. Today, we’ll explore the most popular natural stone options and their differences. Plus, what to consider when making a stone selection to ensure it’s a perfect match.


Why natural stone is best

With everything we now know about the risks of engineered stone and the reduced quality of products like laminate, nothing beats the integrity of natural stone. As a natural product of the earth, stone is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly options. It contains no silica, toxins or harmful chemicals and doesn’t rely on other products to create it.

Natural stone is also the number one choice for longevity and reliability. Opting for natural stone flooring or benchtops means it will last in your home until you’re ready for a revamp.

Beyond being a durable and safe option, it’s also an attractive one. Natural stone comes in all kinds of colours, textures, patterns, and styles, each as naturally beautiful as the last. Whatever design concept you have in mind for your home or business, there’ll be a natural stone that can make it a reality.

The best natural stone options

You’ve settled on natural stone tiles or slabs for your new build or renovation. Great choice! Now, the tricky part — choosing just one that you love. With so many beautiful types of natural stone, each with unique benefits, it’s the best type of problem to have.

Here are some of the most popular natural stone types to consider and what sets them apart.



Marble is one of the most instantly recognisable natural stones and easily one of the most stylish. With its gorgeous veining and striking patterns, it exudes luxury and elegance.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, marble is heat resistant, naturally cooling, and highly durable. Working well in all areas of the home, from benchtops to floors, it’s easy to see why this natural stone is such a popular choice.



Travertine is one of the most versatile natural stone options, with something to suit every taste. At Attila, we have over 100 variations of travertine, with colours and styles ranging from Red Paving to Versace Gold, and everything in between.

This naturally resilient stone can last a lifetime when cared for properly, and its heat and slip resistance make it perfect for outdoor spaces.


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Granite is a beautiful option for flooring and benchtops, each style as unique as the last. In addition to being durable and stunning, it’s also one of the more affordable natural stone choices. With its chip and stain-resistant qualities, it’s no wonder that so many homes feature granite benchtops.



Dreaming of a beautiful cream or white natural stone? You’ll love everything that limestone offers. This stunning natural stone works just as well indoors and out, with a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. Because limestone doesn’t wear quickly, it’s an excellent choice for flooring and will keep its beauty for years to come.



Featuring the perfect combination of strength and beauty, dolomite natural stone comes in a gorgeous blend of whites, greys, browns, and creams. Dolomite works great poolside and in outdoor entertaining areas as a favoured outdoor stone. Its natural ability to withstand changing weather and prevent slips means it’s as practical as it is stunning.



As one of the most uniquely striking natural stone options, onyx is ideal for making an impact. With naturally non-porous qualities, it won’t soak up spills and stains, and its durability means it lasts for years as a benchtop or flooring. At Attila, our onyx stone selection includes styles such as Violet and Royal Mocha, showcasing the beauty of this stone.



Do you prefer a darker look for your natural stone? Bluestone could be the answer. Bluestone is striking but also durable and cost-effective, featuring shades of blues and greys. Commonly used for pool coping, splashbacks, tiling, and benchtops, this versatile natural stone can do it all.

Still trying to decide which natural stone you want for your next project? We can help you narrow it down.

Key factors to help you pick the right choice of stone

Before committing to one type of natural stone, an ideal first step is considering how it works for you and the space it’s going in. Ask yourself these questions to narrow it down to your best choice.

  • How will you use the space?
    Think about where the natural stone is going and what type of environment lends itself to that choice. For example, bathrooms and wet spaces are perfect for non-slip options, whereas outdoor areas need non-slip and heat-resistant natural stone.

  • How much maintenance can you commit to?
    Some natural stones are lower maintenance compared to others. But some homeowners don’t mind a little TLC now and then to keep their favourite natural stone looking its best. For low-maintenance options, we love granite, with its natural low porosity. Options like travertine and marble require periodic sealing, but many agree that the upkeep is worth it.

  • What lifespan do you want for the stone?
    Natural stone has an edge over artificial products when it comes to lifespan, that’s for sure. But some stones are known to last longer than others. For longevity, granite and limestone are considered two of the longest-lasting and most durable.

  • Have you seen the stone in person?
    It’s easy enough to scroll through pictures of natural stone on your phone, but seeing a sample in person is another thing altogether. To get an accurate idea of how the stone will look in your home, we recommend visiting our showroom to view the samples for yourself. Who knows? You might find another stone that you love even more.

How Attila can help with your stone selection

We’ve worked with natural stone for over 25 years, so we know what makes it unique. Our natural stone is sourced from the finest quarries in Europe and delivered directly to our showroom in Melbourne for our customers to enjoy. With Australia's largest showcase of natural stone, there’s no better place to find the right one.

Whether it’s commercial or residential projects, new builds or renovations, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find the perfect fit. Our conveniently located showroom in Campbellfield give customers the chance to see and touch our natural stone selection in person. And often, this is when the magic happens.

The experts in natural stone

As Melbourne’s leading provider of natural stone, our selection at Attila is second to none. Let our friendly, expert team help you find the perfect fit for your project. Book a consultation to meet with them or visit our showroom to see the splendour of natural stone.