Why use marble in your family home?

Why use marble in your family home?

A popular form of natural stone is the Marble, which comes in a multitude of colours, and distinguishable from other types of natural stone by the striking veins that run through it.

For centuries past and up until the present day marble is heralded as a symbol of luxuriousness. Because of its timeless style many architects and designers often specify it. Depending on its finish, marble can be used internally and externally. It is well documented that properties that use marble have a substantially higher market value.

There is a widely held misguided belief that marble is a highly porous material, this however, is not the case. Like many natural occurring materials (such as gold, silver, and diamonds) there are different grades of quality that distinguish their strength and durability. The strength or density of a stone is largely determined by where and what part of the quarry the stone is extracted from. As a general guide, marble can be classified as low density (soft) and high-density marble (hard). A high-density marble makes the stone less likely to scratch or chip. Also, high-density marble is often less porous, meaning that it is less likely to stain. (see section on sealing).

There is common expression amongst natural stone experts that ‘not all marbles are created equal’. I think it’s important to consider the reasons why this occurs more deeply. A disparity in natural stone quality is often caused by cutting corners in the ‘manufacturing, fabrication, and logistical distribution’ of natural stone. In a recent study, it was found that natural stone manufactured in some parts of the world often use sewer water to cut the stone. This procedure interferes with the natural minerals in the stone, often causing it to rust. A common problem occurring with natural stone tiles are often not calibrated properly, resulting in a substandard uneven tile often causing endless maintenance problems. Attila’s Natural Stone & Tiles ensure that all natural stone tiles go through quality assurance. All tiles are laser cut and calibrated to international standards, therefor only minimal grout and some cases no grout is required.

Another major benefit of selecting natural stone is its durability. Natural stone will retain its look over time without succumbing to colour discolouration.

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